New Student Special

$10 for 10 DAYS OF YOGA (Available to all students new to Tula Hot Yoga Denver) 10 Consecutive days of yoga for only $10 Plus, if you buy one of our packages before your 10 days are up, you get $10 OFF that package price. Order now >

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Private Instruction

Private Instruction Do you need some individualization to your practice? Want some extra care and attention to get your practice on the right healing path? Feel like you’re in a rut and need a jumpstart to your time spent on the mat? You may find the benefits of a 60-90 minute private session to be just what you need. Email us and we will get you set up with the right instructor that can best fit your needs. Please see ... Read more »

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7 Day Nutrition Reset

WITH HOLISTIC NUTRITIONIST ELLIE FREEMAN Before settling into your Fall routine, join Holistic Nutritionist, Ellie Freeman to INDULGE in the opportunity to heal your body from the inside out with FOOD!  Learn which foods NOURISH your body and RESET your digestion.  7 DAYS provides time to engage in NEW HABITS and CELEBRATE the elements of Fall that promote HEALING and nourishment. Investment:  $95 Includes: *Two Hour Nutrition Workshop from 1-3pm on 10/5/14 *Seasonal Whole Food Recipes for the entire week ... Read more »

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400 Corona St. #1131
Denver, CO 80218

Phone: 303.777.7550

What do you need to strike balance in your life?

At Tula Hot Yoga Denver, all of our instructors have received advanced injury training. We pride ourselves in our strong sense of community and our talented instructors who are ready to help you heal, prevent future injury, and find what you need from your yoga practice to strike balance in your life.

  • Less Stress
  • More time for you
  • Greater Strength
  • Less Pain
  • 90 Minutes without your cell phone
  • More Energy
  • More Flexibility
  • Less Weight
  • Grace
  • Better Breath
  • More Peace
  • Space to Heal

At Tula Hot Yoga Denver we are dedicated to helping you find your balance.